About Us


About us

Midnightsun is a fashion brand based in Istanbul and Vienna. It was found in 2018 and the idea behind the brand is to produce exceptional and reasonably priced products. Each one of our designs tells a story and by creating different designs, we aim to share different stories. Midnightsun and its designs prove the claim that unique streetwear has a place in both indoors and outdoors and everywhere else your journey takes you to.
Midnightsun’s products are always conversation starters. They are captivating, distinctive, honest, deep and sometimes mean and daring. Our brand has a personal approach to life; defined by moods, feelings and detailed observations.Ensuring absolute costumer satisfaction is our topmost priority. We are so particular with what we like that everything on this website is completely hand picked by us, unlike larger online stores. With that being said “Less is more”.
Everyone has a story worth telling and Midnightsun is the best platform that interprets one’s story by turning it into a design.